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Hildegard of Bingen
Feast day: September 17

From the time she was a young child, Hildegard showed remarkable intelligence and a deep spiritual awareness. Born in Germany in 1098, Hildegard's world was very chaotic. The political rise of new nation-states, the creation of new town and cities and the building of Gothic cathedrals and cathedral schools were the leading edge of the birth of modern Europe. Hildegard's reputation for wisdom and holiness made her an important advisor to popes, emperors and people in all walks of life.

This remarkable woman began her training with a holy tutor, Jutta, who taught her not only the practical skills for women of her day, but also Latin, critical thinking and the Benedictine rule of life. This Benedictine training furthered Hildegard's love for prayer, art, music and hard work in agricultural self-sufficiency.

Today Hildegard is known as a mystic. This means that her relationship to God was marked by her constant sense of prayer and God's presence everywhere and in everyone. Furthermore, from the time she was young, Hildegard had many sacred visions, contributing to her many keen observations about religion. She also had a great talent for explaining and re-telling the stories of the Bible. Through prayer and the encouragement of her community of Benedictines, Hildegard realized the value of writing down her visions and religious observations. The result is a many books, poems, musical compositions and plays.

Through these works her spirituality and religious wisdom is preserved for us today. In our day this saint of the Middle Ages remains relevant and important. Her insights on ecology, the importance of prayer, and a holistic way of life touch the center of the contemporary search for meaning.

Connecting to Faith First® Legacy Edition
Grade 6, chapter 25

Connecting to Faith First®
Grade 6, chapter 25
Junior High, Creed and Prayer, chapter 22

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