Students K-3


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Color God's Creation

New Game! Answer questions to color God's Creation.

Signs of God's Love

Drag the symbols to create your own picture and print it out!

Design a Church

Drag the pieces of the church to create your own picture and print it out!

Prayer Walk

Use your arrow keys on your keyboard to take a prayer walk and answer the questions to win!

Little Lamb Exam

Answer the questions to find a friend!

Magnetic Poetry

Drag the words with your mouse to create poetry!

Concentration Game

Match each symbol of our Church!

Footprints to Jesus

Answer the questions to meet Jesus on the hill.

Concentration Game: The Reading Nook

Match the pictures from The Reading Nook!

Painting Game: Mary and Joseph

Paint the picture then hear a story!

Finish the Sentence

Click on the words to finish the sentences and see a surprise!

Watch and Listen