Jesus in the New Testament Scope & Sequence


1. God’s word to us; Inspired writers; God’s covenant with Moses and Israelites in Old Testament and with human kind in New Testament; Living the Covenant
2. Gospels pass on the faith of the Church; The Evangelists; Synoptic Gospels; Fourth Gospel; Comparing the Four Gospels
3. Gospel of Mark; Literary style; Peter’s declaration of Jesus as the Messiah; Ministry of Jesus; Kingdom of God; Paschal Mystery
4. Gospel of Matthew; Torah and its relationship to five major discourses in Matthew’s Gospel; Sermon on the Mount; Beatitudes
5. Gospel of Luke; Acts of the Apostles; Luke as storyteller; Luke’s sequence
6. Gospel of John; “I am” sayings; Seeing Jesus through eyes of faith; Signs of the Messiah; Symbolic language




7. Pauline letters; Letter to the Romans: time and audience, purpose, structure and writing style; New life in Christ; Sanctifying, actual and sacramental grace; Paul’s comparison of Baptism to the death and Resurrection of Christ
8. Purpose and structure of the letters; Letter to the Philippians; Paul’s message that faith in Christ involves suffering; A life worthy of the Gospel
9. Letter to the Colossians: purpose and context; Paul’s teaching on Christian life; Living the way of love
10. Catholic letters in the New Testament; Letter of James: put faith in God and express it in good works; Doers of the word; Social justice
11. Letter to the Hebrews; Connection between the sacrifices of the first covenant and the sacrifice of Christ; Our redemption; Sharers in the Paschal Mystery
12. Book of Revelation; Apocalyptic writing; Vision of hope; New Jerusalem and the Second Coming of Christ

Catechism of the Catholic Church
Unit 1
75, 101–111, 121–133, 514–515

Unit 2
105–107, 515

Sacred Scripture
Unit 1
Exodus 3:13–14 Deuteronomy 5:1–7; 30:11–14 Matthew 1:1, 16; 5:18–22 Mark 1:1, 14–15, 29–39; 8:34 Luke 1:1–4; 4:14–22, 28–30; 15:6 John 1:1–5; 3:16; 10:6; 11:21–27, 40–44; 20:30–31 Acts 2:22–24, 32–33 1 Corinthians 12:12–13 Ephesians 6:19 2 Timothy 3:16

Unit 2
Matthew 5:11–12, 37; 23:27 John 13:34–35; 15:12–13, 17 Romans 6:3–11, 14–23; 8:14 Galatians 3:26–27 Philippians 1:12–17, 27–29; 3:1, 20–21; 4:1, 4–9
Colossians 1:15–20; 2:6–7, 12; 3:1–4, 12–17 Hebrews 8:1–2; 9:1–4, 7, 12–15; 13:23
James 1:22–27; 2:14–26; 3:13, 17–18 Revelation 1:1–3; 18:1–2, 4–5, 8; 21:1–6; 22:1–4, 13, 20–21

Faith Vocabulary
Unit 1
Apostles; Beatitudes; Book of Glory; Book of Signs; Conversion; Covenant; Disciple; Discourse; Evangelist; Fourth Gospel; Gospel; “I am” sayings; Kingdom of God; Miracles; Mission; New Testament; Old Testament; Parable; Paschal Mystery; Sacred Scripture; Sermon on the Mount; Symbolic language; Synoptics; Torah

Unit 2
Actual grace; Admonition; Allegory; Apocalyptic writing;
Apostasy; Catholic letters; Epistles; Grace; Hope; Hypocrite; Missionary; New commandment; Papyrus; Pauline letters; Redemp-tion; Sacramental grace; Sacrifice; Sanctifying grace; Social justice; The Second Coming; Virtue

Faith-Filled People & Catholic Identity
Unit 1
Categories of the Old and New Testament
writings; Chapters and verses in the Bible; John the Evangelist; Luke the Evangelist; Matthew’s readers; Sacraments; Mark the Evangelist

Unit 2
Apocalyptic writings in Sacred Scripture; Christian Initiation; Colossae; Hebrews; Israelites; Jews; Mercy/kindness; Papyrus; Paul of Tarsus; Second Coming of Christ; Theological virtues; Works of Mercy

Our Church Makes a Difference
Unit 1
The Living Word of God; Parish communities; Preparing for the Kingdom of God; Light among nations; Conversion of Saint Francis of Assisi; Church as Sign of Sacrament

Unit 2
Church’s Work of Evangelization; Letters from the Pope; Standard for
living our life in Christ; Social teachings of the Church; Martyrs of the Church; Joan of Arc

Faith-Life Skills
Unit 1
Pray the Scriptures daily; Story-telling; Discipline makes good disciples; Think and re-think; Apostolic witnesses; Looking beneath the surface

Unit 2
Life of grace; Solving problems respectfully; Making gospel decisions; Working for the common good; Self-sacrifice; Preparing a way for the Lord

Unit 1
Prayer to Saint Jerome; Litany of the Holy Name of
Jesus; From the Holy Cross; A
Prayer used before each session of the Second Vatican Council; Prayer of Saint Francis; Gathering Prayer

Unit 2
Renewal of Baptism promises; Early Christian hymn; Let all be Christ; Prayer for light; Prayer of faith; Lord’s Prayer

We Celebrate the Liturgical Seasons Ordinary Time; First Week of Advent; Second Week of Advent; Third Week of Advent; Fourth Week of Advent; Christmas; Epiphany; First Week of Lent; Second Week of Lent; Third Week of Lent; Fourth Week of Lent; Fifth Week of Lent; Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion; Triduum/Holy Thursday; Triduum/Good Friday; Triduum/Easter; Second Week of Easter; Third Week of Easter; Fourth Week of Easter; Fifth Week of Easter; Sixth Week of Easter; Seventh Week of Easter; Pentecost