Students 4-6

K3 Grade 3, Chapter 11


The Widow's Offering
Based on Mark 12:41-44

In chapter 17, you learned about the seasons in the liturgical year. During Ordinary time, we hear stories about Jesus and his teachings at Mass. (You can tell it is Ordinary Time when the priest wears green vestments and the altar cloths are green.) You might hear this story during Ordinary Time.

One day, Jesus sat outside the Temple. There was a large basket in front of the building. People walked by and dropped money in the basket to give to the poor. Many rich people noisily placed bags of coins in the basket. Jesus watched each one of them give large amounts of money and walk away. They were rich people. They had more money at home to buy food and clothes for themselves. These people gave their extra money to the poor.

Jesus was very surprised at what he saw next. He watched an old woman walk by the basket. She was very poor and lonely because her husband had died. (In those days widows did not have very much money. They were not allowed to work, so they were very poor.)

Still, this widow walked up to the basket. She had two small coins in her hand. Gently and quietly, she put the coins in the basket. Those coins were all the money she had! Even though she was poor, she still wanted to help other people.

Jesus was so happy! He said, "This woman is very special. The other people walked by and gave money for the poor without thinking about it. She gave all that she had to God. Her gift is worth more than the others."

Jesus wants us to think about how we treat other people. He wants us to give help and love to everyone we meet, just like the widow in the story. This is how we show Jesus that we love him.